Made for Interactions

Tailored to add touch in your interactions for your applications, games and virtual reality experiences, we developed Unitouch Engine.

Unitouch Engine eases the integration of vibrotactile rendering within advanced applications. It can control various haptic devices through audio interfaces exposing one or many haptic channels.

It is available today as a C++ library for major operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux) and we're also providing an integration for Unity3D as a plugin.

High-Fidelity rendering in Real-time

Jump in high-definition haptic with Unitouch. You can render your tactile feedback on-the-fly and customise your design for your needs.
Localise your impacts. Animate the vibration with what you see. Add a spatial dimension to haptics.


For the need of immersion, Unitouch Engine was designed to be easily integrated in an experience. Quickly add a tactile layer to your interactions.