High-fidelity at your fingertips

In order to unconstrain the design space on haptics, Actronika’s approach proposes to dissociate the haptic content creation from any hardware specificity. 

We believe that haptic design is as complex and subtle as sound and visual designs can be, for this purpose our haptic library aims to offer appropriate tools and materials to ease this creative process in the most efficient way.

For the purpose of complete immersion and design of meaningful interactions, the quality of haptic content is fundamental.

Along with tools aimed to integrate the rendering of vibrotactile feedback within a device or an application, we provide you Unitouch Library, a collection of high-definition haptic assets that are ready to use and customisable to fit within your interactions.

Production ready haptic effects

Explore, preview and download a collection of high-fidelity vibrotactile haptic effects.
Download the assets and use it as it is, or create more complex designs with it.


A part of our work is to identify tactile perception. We classified the content around a tailored vocabulary to describe textures in vibrations. It drives the search engine in the application.

Human perception